Why is a Carbon Monoxide Detector Essential Landlord Kit?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is not called the “silent and invisible killer” for nothing; it has no smell, colour or taste and is, therefore, usually undetected until it is too late. Everything you burn, including natural gas, wood, oil, propane or charcoal, releases some carbon monoxide. Usually, this poses no health threat until it happens in […]

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The Alternative Gift Guide

Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year and the pressure to buy the most gorgeous or appropriate gift is only one of many tasks which results in most of us reeling under the fear that we have no idea what our loved ones need, want or even like! Fortunately, there are alternatives […]

How To Organise The Ultimate Christmas Party

It’s never too late to book the ultimate Christmas party! In fact, it often is pretty much too late to organise the office party because it’s usually left to the last minute and no-one wants to take responsibility. It’s that time of year when the festive season is being thrust upon us from every direction. […]

Strategies for Surviving Slumps as a Small Business

There are different types of slumps; the seasonal slump which is short lived but regular and then there is the general economic slump which lasts for an undeterminable period of time and affects the whole country. These are more difficult to survive and when they do occur, whether they are short-term or of the longer […]

How To Register Your First Business

If you have a brilliant idea for a new business it’s not just a case of throwing yourself headlong into manufacturing the latest widget. You need to start out in a professional and organised manner, decide what kind of company structure is relevant for the size and type of business and then get yourself registered […]

Private Health Care – Are There any Affordable Options?

With NHS waiting lists reported to be ever longer, many of us are left wishing there was a viable alternative. The problem is that the only alternative seems to be private healthcare, and that appears to be so expensive, particularly with the new IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) adding a further 3.5% tax on to monthly […]

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Surviving The Busiest periods as a Small Business

A company which has a nice constant flow of business throughout the year is a pretty rare thing! For most, the reality is far more likely to be a series of peaks and troughs where the majority of the action, and the bulk of the income, has to be accomplished in a relatively short period […]

How Accountancy can Make or Break Your Business

If you own a company you should have a basic understanding of all of the various aspects of your business. This doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert at absolutely everything; you just need to have an overall concept of the finer points so that you can deal with problems efficiently, as and […]

Financial Advice For Landlords

Sometimes homeowners become landlords quite by accident; they could find themselves having to relocate or upsize during a lull in the property market and end up having to rent rather than sell their existing home, or they could have inherited a property which, for whatever reason, they are unable to part with. However, a landlord […]

Savings Options For Your Children

Children are often given money as birthday and Christmas gifts simply because it can be difficult for relatives or friends to choose appropriate offerings when they have absolutely no idea what kind of toys or current craze is grabbing the child’s attention. Often the cash arrives just at that point in time when they are […]