Savings Options For Your Children

Children are often given money as birthday and Christmas gifts simply because it can be difficult for relatives or friends to choose appropriate offerings when they have absolutely no idea what kind of toys or current craze is grabbing the child’s attention. Often the cash arrives just at that point in time when they are […]

Buy To Let Advice

Current low interest rates on mortgages and recent positive signs in rising property values have led to a surge in buy-to-let investments. Mortgage credentials, for potential first-time buyers, are also far more stringent, with typical deposits being 10% or higher on a first-time mortgage, which has led to even greater demand from tenants. Compared to […]

10 Tip For Filling Out Your Own Tax Return

In nice simple terms, a tax return is the form that self-employed workers and other self-assessment taxpayers use to report details of their taxable income. HMRC then use the information provided to enable them to calculate your tax bill. The paper version of the tax return is due by the end of October each year […]

Top Tips to Boost Your Retirement

The financial scaremongers claim that you will need upward of 80% of your pre-retirement salary in order to retire with any degree of comfort, however, this is a very arbitrary assumption because none of us has the exact same circumstances and clearly everyone has varying opinions on the necessities of life! In my humble opinion […]

Employee To Entrepreneur – Smooth the Transition

Thanks to the internet there are far greater remote working opportunities than ever before, leading millions of people to wave goodbye to the 9-5 life and attempt to make it as freelancers. Obviously leaving a secure job and its accompanying income will always involve some degree of risk. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps […]

Hone Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Have you noticed that there seems to a glut of very successful entrepreneurs around right now and they seem to be getting younger and younger? Of course, they would seem really young to me because everyone does these days……but seriously, the hot new kids on the block are really, really young, like teenager young! More […]

Useful Resources For Small Businesses

Starting up and subsequently running your own small business successfully can be a daunting affair. Initially, you may feel like you are wading through treacle trying to establish yourself and earn your place in the business world. However, there are heaps of resources which can be helpful if you know where to look. To save […]

Starting Up With Minimal Resources

People often have great ideas for a new business. Obviously, having a trust fund or wealthy investors can make starting your company and becoming an overnight success far easier. However, having little or no money shouldn’t be a good enough excuse to shelve a brilliant idea. If you are truly confident that you have a […]

Now To Avoid Burnout When You Are Self Employed

Being self-employed can be quite lonely because you have to be self-reliant and committed to your work. You have no specific boss to direct or advise you, no one to counsel you and also no one to pass your workload onto when it all becomes too much. For these particular reasons many self-employed people become […]

Purchase a Holiday Home With Great Income Potential

When it comes to choosing a holiday home it could be a bit of a lottery. Without spending time on your research you may end up making a costly mistake but on the other hand, you could find yourself with a little pot of gold. There are many elements to take into account so try […]