Useful Resources For Small Businesses

Starting up and subsequently running your own small business successfully can be a daunting affair. Initially, you may feel like you are wading through treacle trying to establish yourself and earn your place in the business world. However, there are heaps of resources which can be helpful if you know where to look. To save […]

Starting Up With Minimal Resources

People often have great ideas for a new business. Obviously, having a trust fund or wealthy investors can make starting your company and becoming an overnight success far easier. However, having little or no money shouldn’t be a good enough excuse to shelve a brilliant idea. If you are truly confident that you have a […]

Now To Avoid Burnout When You Are Self Employed

Being self-employed can be quite lonely because you have to be self-reliant and committed to your work. You have no specific boss to direct or advise you, no one to counsel you and also no one to pass your workload onto when it all becomes too much. For these particular reasons many self-employed people become […]

Purchase a Holiday Home With Great Income Potential

When it comes to choosing a holiday home it could be a bit of a lottery. Without spending time on your research you may end up making a costly mistake but on the other hand, you could find yourself with a little pot of gold. There are many elements to take into account so try […]


If you are going to do a little reading during your downtime this summer, you could do worse than consider one (or more) of the following books. This bundle of ten offer tips on how to become richer and happier, from a variety of perspectives. There is a clear theme running throughout; that it is […]


Could Your Save Yourself For an Early Retirement?

Do many people dream of being able to retire early? By early I mean before even being eligible to draw down from a private pension. I actually think that a lot of people do have this dream but discount it because they think that they would never be able to manage to save enough money […]

How To Simplify Your Finances

The world seems, to me at least, to be really complicated these days and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a little overwhelmed sometimes by my own personal finances. It’s hard enough to deal with endless paperwork during working hours without having to start all over again the minute you get home, just to […]

Undeclared Income

Since April 2014 HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) have been running a campaign encouraging individuals, who have been receiving untaxed income from self-employment, to bring their tax affairs up to date. A second income campaign was also launched which was solely aimed at those who are taxed under PAYE (Pay as you Earn) by their […]

Get Your Small Business up and Running With a Start up Loan

If you have ever dreamt of owning your own business I have some good news and some bad news for you.   I’m going to begin by giving you the bad news because that’s traditional. Every year thousands of budding entrepreneurs rush towards that halcyon dream of becoming their own boss and every single year an […]

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Are Financial Issues Making You Feel Anxious – Part 2

In last week’s blog we discussed the impact that financial stresses can have on our health and wellbeing and had a look at some of the most effective ways to cope with and manage this type of stress. We discussed the importance of recognising and confronting this type of anxiety, along with the importance of […]